Ah. Time for the first Tsarnaev fetishists to appear.

Look, I know that something like this happens every time that they put a serial killer on trial, but it’s still pretty damn sick:

Supporters, including one who came all the way from Washington state, said they believe Tsarnaev is innocent.

“I see zero evidence to say he actually did this,” added Lacey Buckley, 23, of Washington state. “There is no DNA; there are no fingerprints. They got nothing.”

About a half dozen supporters, all young women, wore T-shirts that read “Free the Lion” and “Dzhokhar is innocent.”

Then again, it’s nice when people freely broadcast the ways that they’re broken inside.  Makes it easier for the rest of us.

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

One thought on “Ah. Time for the first Tsarnaev fetishists to appear.”

  1. No evidence? Well, ladies, I know it sucks but usually the evidence is first presented to the grand jury, later to the defense and finally to us peasants at the trial.

    FYI, a fairly simple case for felony murder can be made for running over and killing his brother while engaged in a shoot out with police.

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