Some studio executives want Pacific Rim to flop as part of a extraneous business struggle?

Somebody in the studio system doesn’t want Pacific Rim to succeed?


OK, watch this.

You are not a bad person if you don’t want to watch movies like that.  Honest and true.  BUT ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT WANT ME TO WATCH MOVIES LIKE THAT IS A BAD PERSON.  Pretty much by definition.  I am, to quote the person at the link above, part of “the core audience of people who want to see giant robots hit giant monsters.” I’d appreciate it if studio wars stayed out of the way of my acquisition of same.

Via Do-Gooder Press.

11 thoughts on “Some studio executives want Pacific Rim to flop as part of a extraneous business struggle?”

  1. Look, releasing movies to fail is a science .. and if you really want a movie to fail, you get the right guys.
    Uwe Boll.

  2. This also applies to the goodthinking quackspeakers at Geeks Out who are calling for a boycott of Ender’s Game because Orson Scott Card is an unrepentant Mormon and said things that hurt their feelings.

    1. I read and liked the book. Didn’t so much care for some of the later books. Had absolutely no plans to watch in theaters until this, and probably don’t now. (Decent chance that the sound and stuff from Pacific Rim will be enough of a trial on my nerves that it’ll be a few more years before I watch something again.)

      1. I didn’t like the original sequels either, but the later ones with Bean as a main character were pretty good.

  3. I’ve been seriously thinking about watching this movie in theaters. This coverage is making me more likely to do so, perhaps even more multiple times. (Assuming it doesn’t involve people going mad because of the curse of the were-tang.) Novel comes out next tuesday, but I’m more likely to be able to watch the story uninterrupted than read it.

    1. My parsing is that the envirowhatsit is more or less a costume for ‘the stars are right’. It is reasonably close to Eva-Lovecraft.
      I’m hoping to see some Pacific Rim fanfic from a writer who specializes in that.
      I’ve gone from ‘I might want to try and do PR/SRW’ to ‘I want to do PR/SRW’.

  4. I’m trying to get the FLGS to have a “King of Tokyo” round-robin in honor of the opening.

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