Swarm. Swarm. Swarm.

This is freaky, when it happens.

A huge number of honey bees were discovered inside a home in Westfield after contractors working on the house tore down a wall and revealed the hive, according to a report published at newjersey.news12.com.

The beekeeper who was called in estimated the total number of bees to be about 60,000.

Mickey Hegedus is removing the hive from the house with a special vacuum, according to the report, and taking all the bees he can save to a new colony he’s setting up at a Roselle Park church.

…I had some bees move in a few years back – have I mentioned that I’m phobic as hell about stinging insects? – and while it wasn’t 60K it was a goram lot of bees.  So, you know, I am nothing if not sympathetic.

Moe Lane