“They’re going to want to drive the Hovercraft and not play golf.”


Seriously, this is a question? It’s a hovercraft! The size of a golf cart! If you want to play golf, no problem, I’ll make sure that you have all your clubs and balls and whatever the heck those fuzzy things are.  Just… leave me the keys and I’ll be over there. And there.  And there…

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: Get enough of these, and you could do Live-Action G.E.V.  Just saying.

3 thoughts on ““They’re going to want to drive the Hovercraft and not play golf.””

  1. Time to modify the old Twain quote:
    “Golf is a good [hovercraft rental time] spoiled”
    Seriously, if it was street-legal and the economics worked right (cheaper to run than my car), I’d take it to work
    At Spegen: It would probably make jousting worse. Either you’ll break the air bubbles and cause both craft to land in a thud, possibly damaging some fans or you’ll boringly bounce off (kinda like covering a bumper car with a giant semi-inflated air bag to increase the impulse of the hit into something unnoticeable.

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