Oregon’s epic #obamacare agitprop #fail.

Let us discuss precisely how badly the Oregon state government has messed up its ad campaign trying to get young people to sign up for Obamacare. First, the background:

Cover Oregon, the public agency set up to implement Oregon’s health exchange under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, launched the first, $3.2 million ad campaign last week for the program.

Rocky King, Executive Director of Cover Oregon, told the Oregonian, the goal of the jingly, somewhat hipster-vibe ads that offers lyrics stating “live long in Oregon” and “long live the Oregon spirit,” is to just break people into the program that opens in October.

But there’s a problem, which will be graphically demonstrated  by watching the aforementioned ad below.  Don’t worry, I’ve turned it into an anti-Obamacare ad of equal, if not superior, value:

…Yes, it was that simple.  The Oregon ad is the epitome of vapid, hipster nothingness: it has no message, to the point where all I had to do was type in a single line and the whole thing suddenly means the exact opposite of what the creators of the ad presumably intended.  I should not have been able to do that.  I also should not have had to been the one who ended up tell[ing] viewers what the dang ad was about in the first place.  That I was able to do both suggests that the Oregon state government… should give the creators of the ad lots more taxpayer money to do more ads just like this one.


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7 thoughts on “Oregon’s epic #obamacare agitprop #fail.”

  1. Brilliant!
    These libs are displaying their consistent depth of perception here…
    …just thinking about all those high-temp conceptualization meetings, the Passion they must have felt, the fast flowing ideas and imagery whirling around. Then the giddying highs they must have felt, the shivers and thrills as they watched it the first time…and then BLAMMO here comes Moe.
    I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, Thank You Sir!

  2. My keyboard now hates you for the coffee you make me spew across it, that was awesome Moe!

      1. Aw, they deleted their comment before I could see it! 🙁 I don’t suppose you bothered to get a screen cap?

          1. Annnd, to the anonymous lurker who triggered this post: thanks so much for giving me that opportunity to rattle the tip jar! Thanks to him , I can now actually pre-order that campaign supplement now. Isn’t that great?

            …Rhetorical question, actually. *I* think it’s great, and anonymous lurkers don’t get a vote.

  3. Too self-consciously precious by half. The hipsters in Eugene might eat this stuff up, but even the denizens of Portlandia are scratching their heads and asking “Wha …?”

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