Wait, everybody *I* know watched #sharknado. Or: “Pauline Kael, THOU ART AVENGED!”



So who watches Syfy’s movies? Older dudes, mostly. According to TV research firm Horizon Media, viewers of Syfy original movies have an average age of 52. But Sharknado may have broken the mold; the movie blew up on Twitter last night, giving the impression that everyone with a TV was watching it. “Omg omg OMG ‪#sharknado,” Mia Farrow tweeted last night, while Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza joked that he was writing an article about how Sharknado would affect the 2016 elections. But were all these people actually watching? According to the Los Angeles Times, Sharknado was watched by only 1 million people, which makes it a bust, even by Syfy standards. Most Syfy originals have an average viewership of 1.5 million people, with some getting twice that.

They got some damned enviable buzz, though. I have no idea whether Nielsen regularly revises its early numbers.


6 thoughts on “Wait, everybody *I* know watched #sharknado. Or: “Pauline Kael, THOU ART AVENGED!””

  1. I know I watched it. I missed Hell’s Kitchen to watch SharkNado (not complaining, I actually think that I made the right choice). The way Twitter was on fire last night and this morning, I’m shocked at that one million number.

  2. I didn’t watch, I only have OTA. When it hits free on Amazon Prime, I’ll give it a go. Might take a while.

  3. Just hilarious schlock–I wouldn’t be surprised if numbers get revised. It seems there are so many platforms to watch on these days, perhaps that would explain it. Or I just live in a ridiculously insular world. Either way, I’m fine with it.

  4. Suspect that the number will change when the final numbers come out. No matter what, this gave syfy the most buzz they had in years

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