(Profanity warning) Let me sum up the Texas Democratic party’s trouble…

in seven words:

The national Democratic party fucking hates Texas.

Pardon my French, but they do.  National Democrats hate Texans, they hate the Texan economy, they hate the Texan oil industry that fuels the economy and gives the people jobs, they hate the part-time – and apparently very successful – Texan system of government, they hate Texan culture, they hate Texan religiosity, they hate Texan swagger, they hate Texas’s ongoing population boom, and they hate hate hate hate HATE the way that Texan Republicans can get Latinos to vote for Republican candidates.  And what national Democrats hate most of all is that Texans largely and visibly consider the East and Left Coasts to be essentially run by the human equivalent of yapping Pomeranians.

None of this makes life easy for Texas Democrats, I’m sure.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “(Profanity warning) Let me sum up the Texas Democratic party’s trouble…”

  1. The feeling’s mutual.

    Badge of honor, frankly. And I’ve only been here for 7 years and 4 months. Can’t imagine my thoughts on the issue once I’ve been here a generation.


  2. It must be weird being a Texas Dem knowing full well that National Dems hate your guts just as much as they hate every other Texan.

    1. Black Dems seem to be OK with the utter contempt the entire party has for them.
      As do Jewish Dems, Catholic Dems, and white Dems.
      Heck, unless you’re a government employee, the Dems would as soon clap you in irons and send you to the solar panel mines as look at you. Yet people still vote for them.

  3. Living in one of those coastal states (NY), I can more than assure you that they are indeed run by the human equivalent of yapping Pomeranians. It’s foolishness on parade.

  4. NPR ran a week long series last week(?) on the repercussions of Texas going blue, due to demographics. It’s a liberal’s . . . I hate the term “wet dream”, but it may be the only way to describe the proper proportion of unattainability and desire.
    I’d move from Maryland to Texas in a minute if I could figure out the logistics of applying to jobs out of state.

    1. Clearly, jbird, you are online .. have you not heard of http://www.indeed.com ? Meta-job-search engine, just ignore any ads about fixing up your resume’.
      The logistics is you plan to live on ramen so you can afford the trip to Texas to interview.
      Southwest looks like around $125 each way, Baltimore to Dallas, plan on $80/day for a hotel.
      Apply for jobs in batches .. apply for 20 or so on the 20th of every month .. and indicate that while you’re willing to *self*-relocate, you need to do the first interview over the phone.
      If you do it right, you can line up 3 or 4 interviews over a 2-day period .. fly in, do the interviews, fly out, hope for the best.

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