Tweet of the Day, See, This Is Why We Wanted @SenTedCruz IN the Senate edition.

Precisely for stuff like this.

Because there’s no good answer for Reid, there.

Via Twitchy.

7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, See, This Is Why We Wanted @SenTedCruz IN the Senate edition.”

  1. He makes it look so easy that I am now wondering what all the other republicans in Washington have been doing.

    1. yeah, what happened there? Rubio is lucky he’s still got some time to repair the damage before he’s primaried.

      1. Well, I’ll stick with Rubio if there are no better options (prior to his Gang of 8 idiocy, he’s been stellar) and I’d much rather focus on a primary against Scott for Gov, he’s been fairly useless.

        1. I’d have no problem with Rubio going up against Scott… so long as it doesn’t open an opportunity for the Dems .. or Orange Charlie, who is close enough to a Dem as no difference.

          1. Well, I wasn’t advocating Marco to run for Gov, just stating that I’d rather primary Scott than primary Rubio.

            Gov West would be nice though…

      2. For that to work, jbird, Rubio would have to indicate he recognizes he effed up.
        That, sadly, doesn’t seem to be happening.
        Far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party is lucky Rubio didn’t identify more closely with ’em.

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