Mayor Bob Filner (Democrat) to be keynote speaker at… sexual assault victim benefit.

I am somewhat pleased with myself that I never took any advantage of the license that a white Democratic male apparently has in the Democratic party:

10News has learned [San Diego] Mayor Bob Filner [Democrat] has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a benefit for sexual assault victims.

A women veterans group tells 10News the mayor’s camp has just confirmed the appearance. Filner was originally scheduled to attend as an award recipient.

The group has stripped him of the award. Instead, he is set to address the scandal now consuming City Hall.

Said scandal being in two parts:

  • That Bob Filner still has not resigned after having multiple, credible accusations of sexual harassment made against him by numerous members of his own party*;
  • And that the San Diego and California Democratic parties have apparently decided that their response said refusal to resign will not go above the level of ‘sternly-worded note.’

I would like to note here, once again, that the Left needs to start learning to police its own. Particularly if the Left wants to keep trying to get the rest of us to live up to the very rules that the Left refuses to take seriously.

Via AoSHQ.

*I’m not a judge and the guy confessed, in that special non-binding way that scumbag politicians have.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Bob Filner (Democrat) to be keynote speaker at… sexual assault victim benefit.”

  1. Police their own? That’s the opposite of their intentions. This kind of behavior gives them a “handle” on their candidates, a way to get rid of them at any time they want, and that threat gives them a way to keep them in line.
    This is the party that sent an impeached federal judge to Congress and sent Ted Kennedy to the Senate for DECADES.

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