QotD, This Is What #Obamacare Epistemic Closure Looks Like edition.

David Simas – head public relations flack for Barack Obama – kind of gives the game away here with his Kinsley Gaffe on how to con young people into spending several thousand dollars per year on health care they neither need nor want (instead of paying the $95 fine).

“We can figure out the message that works best for this group,” Simas says.

…you mean, you haven’t figured out one yet? You’ve had two years!

More here.  The Washington Post article is fascinating, in its way: it’s apparently laboring under what is a devil of a problem for political activists.  To wit, the author is probably at least subconsciously aware that Obamacare is metaphorically aimed at a brick wall, and accelerating. But… you can’t really function under those kinds of circumstances. So you gotta accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, as they say.

People who have been on the wrong side of a Presidential campaign – in other words, everybody reading this, probably – will recognize the sensation.  Alas, there is no cure.  Nor any real way to tell it apart from genuine confidence, alas.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “QotD, This Is What #Obamacare Epistemic Closure Looks Like edition.”

  1. How about:
    “Just Do It! . . . Or Else!!”
    “Between love and madness lies Obamacare”
    “You’re in good hands with a massive multi-agency bureaucracy that would never, ever consider violating your privacy and of course is in no way involved in a massive wealth transfer from the young to the old”

  2. “We need you to spend money you don’t have for insurance you don’t need to support old people you don’t care about.”

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