QotD, See, That’s The Democratic Party’s Problem Right There edition.

The Hill, about the problems that the Democrats are facing next year in keeping their Senate majority:

[Brian] Schweitzer’s decision [to not run for the open Senate seat in Montana] deflated the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s annual retreat on Martha’s Vineyard, where many senators heard the news.

Because nothing says ‘Left-populist’ like ‘private Martha’s Vineyard retreat.’

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “QotD, See, That’s The Democratic Party’s Problem Right There edition.”

    1. “Accuse others of what you are” that’s why, some leftist said it a long time ago, can’t remember if it was Alinsky or Marx.

    2. Oh, it’s definitely projection. Scratch a Lib, find a litany of Freudian issues.
      It worked better back when the media was the only game in town, and “Martha’s Vineyard retreat” would only be mentioned when someone retired and wrote his (or her) memoirs…

    3. First, FDR and Truman smeared the heck out of the Republicans (“The Republicans are against our “reforms” because they’re NAZIs!!!!!” “Economic Royalists!!!!”) who, alas, didn’t fight back too hard because you’ve got to present a united front when there’s a war on (An art the Democrats have yet to master).

      Second, in your daily life, thanks to the Democrats ugly little “two minute hate” habit, the Republicans you are most likely to see, to hear from, are going to be Old, White, and Rich. Old = Retired or in charge and can’t be fired (funny how all the job protection laws the Democrats forced down our throats just never seem to come up when a Democrat is firing a Republican, (Linda Tripp being a great example). Not White = special hate (See how the Democrats have been soo “tolerant” of Justice Thomas). Rich, because if you are a Republican, then you are probably rich at the end of your life (Not hard to be “rich”. Get and stay married, pay off your house, work hard at your job, which you do well. Not a guarantee, but way better odds then the rank and file Democrat’s “interesting” life plan…..)

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