Thought of the morning about the ACTUAL consequences of the Mark Sanford victory.

I was going through stuff looking for something else, and I came across this older piece by John Hayward over at, ahem, RedState:

“Aha!” cried liberals across the land, when the election returns from South Carolina came in, and the zombie political corpse of Mark Sanford had somehow managed to score a landslide victory over the vivacious Elizabeth Colbert Busch.  ”Now we’ve got you right where we want you, Republicans!  Your hypocrisy on family values will be your undoing!”

The idea is to tear off Representative-Elect Sanford’s zombie arm – the one he prefers to wrap around the trim waistlines of Argentinian cuties – and beat the rest of his party senseless with it.  The party of John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and Anthony Weiner will ask the public how they could possibly support a party that would tolerate adulterers in its ranks.  When the public raises an eyebrow at these demands, Democrats will say you can’t accuse them of hypocrisy, because they’re not serious about all that “family values” stuff, no matter what they say in red-state campaign ads.

…and it struck me: for all the talk of Sanford being used as a club by Democrats against Republicans, two months later it looks like the practical result seems to have been that Sanford’s election has convinced Democrats like Bob Filner, Eliot Spitzer, and Anthony Weiner that serial groping, out-of-control use of prostitutes, and sending pictures of your penis to young women on the Internet are actually survivable behaviors.  I await with bated breath the announcement from David Wu that he’ll be running for Congress again, what with the new drug cocktail working so well and everything.

Hey.  Don’t laugh.  It might very well happen.

12 thoughts on “Thought of the morning about the ACTUAL consequences of the Mark Sanford victory.”

    1. Is he running unopposed? I’m thinking you will like whatever Democrat runs even less…..

      1. If the NYC voters are foolish enough to do it, they really *deserve* the consequences.
        If nothing else, it promises to be extremely entertaining. I’ll have popcorn at the ready.
        Most importantly, I don’t live there, and it won’t affect me.

        1. Wait until NYC declares bankruptcy and Obama starts putting $1,000,000.00 notes in Spitzer and Weiners’ g-strings…

  1. Hayward makes a valid point, in between all those rhetorical flourishes. (and he’d be far more readable if he’d follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and just say no)
    That said, to your point Moe, this is another piece for the rather obvious wedge battle shaping up between religious leaders and machine politicians.
    No, not between Santorum and Bush .. between black churches, who provide a hellaton of coordination and GOTV, and the black and Dem politicians they keep getting elected.
    This is going to be interesting times…

      1. Of course he did — he’s a Democrat! I mentioned it only to demonstrate the long-standing tradition of Democrat congresscritters getting away with all manner of sexual peccadilloes without adverse consequences.
        Note that even when Democrat politicians resign over sordid sex-and-ethics scandals, they are still held in high esteem by their party and by the Mushroom Media — for example, Jim “I am a gay American!” McGreevey. Feh.

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