I’m happy to see the Online Left pretend that #obamacare rates are going down.

As Hot Air notes, extensively, what’s actually happening is that the rate of increase has been cut in various states: i.e., your insurance rates are still going to go up.  It’s just that the various states that were dumb enough to sign up for Obamacare exchanges are engaged in wholesale price-fixing.  That itself will work – briefly – but the insurance companies are not in business for the purpose of going out of business; they’ll drop out of the exchanges if they can’t make payroll.  I sometimes think that we should take every person who wants to run for public office, dump them in Río Gallegos with enough money to last the month, and tell them that they have to walk, ride, or drive back to the USA before they’re eligible for public office (no trains, planes, or boats [unless they’re a deckhand]).  The sudden application of applied reality might improve the worldview of all those lawyers and poly sci majors: plus, they’d also learn at least a little Spanish along the way.  Couldn’t hurt, frankly.

But I digress.  The real problem here for the Left, of course, is that while you can tell people that, say, a lowered rate of increased spending is equivalent to a spending cut it’s because most folks think of the budget as being Other People’s Money.  Those voters will have a different opinion when their take-home pay goes down.  Which it will, and never mind what Barack Obama said:

Get used to hearing that: because if you think that the Right is not going to remind the American people that their promised $2,500 rate cut got translated to a rate increase, then you have seriously underestimated just how pissed the average activist is over this.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t care what the GOP establishment is going to do, or is alleged to be planning to do, or is wildly rumored as plotting to do.  This is grassroots business.