Ooo: BioShock Infinite’s Burial At Sea Trailer.

Looks very interesting.

I should probably play the original Bioshocks at some point.  Particularly at THAT price… fine, fine, I’ll download ’em.

3 thoughts on “Ooo: BioShock Infinite’s Burial At Sea Trailer.”

  1. Both are worth playing, but 1 is much, much better than 2. I have not played 3 yet, it’s in the ever-growing backlog from steam sales.

    1. I concur, although I rate 2 pretty highly, due to improved gameplay and level design. The plot is completely unnecessary, but given that, it’s darn good. And the Minerva’s Den story DLC is Fantastic!

      I’m interested in Burial at Sea, but I find it interesting that having spent so much time and energy building a new setting for a proper Bioshock sequel, the first thing Irrational does is revisit the setting of the first game.

  2. The first one was great. One of the best XBox 360 titles there are. Would you kindly play it?

    I hated the second one with a purple polka-dotted passion. The number one reason is that it went for hot shooter action over verisimilitude. Enemies spawn like crazy, whenever and wherever you can’t see them. Even if it’s an area you’ve cleared, where you control the only entrance.

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