Barack Obama verbally backhands, mocks *Democrat* Rep. Sean Maloney of New York.

Because, apparently, God forbid that a minor court functionary try to get the Sun King to run herd on his ministers:

During a question and answer session Wednesday with Democrats on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama offered what Democratic sources said was a testy response to a question about a federal loan guarantee program, with one source in the room calling it “rude and dismissive.”


The query came from Maloney, a New York Democrat, whose office says the freshman lawmaker asked the president about a company in his district that applied for a loan guarantee through the Department of Energy in 2009, but whose application has been stuck in the final approval stages.

Obama responded by first mocking Maloney’s rather diffident request for some top-down action, then followed up with a fine old sneer at Maloney’s NY-18 district for requiring that its representative have a spine and an independent existence.  The other members of Obama’s court have since attempted to tamp down all of this by suggesting that everybody’s just fine with each other, ha ha, politics is not for the thin-skinned, ho ho, we’re all one big happy family; oh, and of course they’ll look into Maloney’s district’s problem now.  Because, you must understand, the King may have his passions and his tempers, but they always blow over in the end…

Well, he’s not my freaking King, so let me a good little Republican here and note that my party has more self-respect than to tolerate this kind of petulant arrogance from the President.  Particularly when it’s involving a Congressional District that’s listed as a Toss-Up by pretty much everybody.  Let me spell this out for Barack Obama and other people unfamiliar with political street fighting; the fact that Maloney even had to ask about this situation means that the Democrats have already screwed something up somewhere. And, believe me: if the Democrats don’t want that district, we will happily take it off of their hands.

Moe Lane

PS… And I can’t remember where I first saw this, either.  I may need to go to bed early.

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  1. It happens to me all the time but then I surf the net a lot and I’m older than you. And I think I ran across the same story but can’t remember where either, but then it’s about democrats so who cares.

  2. I know this is a bit of a threadjack but…
    Tom Cotton is going to run for Senate against Mark Pryor.
    Thought you’d like to hear that Moe.

    1. Also the AP compared Cotton saying Sic Semper Tyranis, upon Hugo Chavez’s death, to John Wilkes Booth shouting that before he shot Lincoln.

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