Ed Snowden defects to Russia.

4 thoughts on “Ed Snowden defects to Russia.”

  1. Moe, are you on Crack, or perhaps under the influence of small children? The important part of the story is that Snowden got a job, no problem. Rest assured the Russians have agents in our (democrat from top to bottom) system, the Chinese have agents in our system, Fiji has agents in our system. They only people who don’t know our secrets are the American people, because it’s one thing to hire a Communist spy, another thing altogether to hire a Republican……

  2. Well Russian Security forces should monitor him closely. Nothing in the world, certainly not US Constitution forbids CIA from hiring contractors from kidnapping him to be delivered to a courthouse ala The Dark Knight’s Hong Kong extraction. The US court have ALWAYS held that constitutional protection only applies in United States. He can be kidnapped and sold for profit and there’s nothing illegal about it. It might be illegal in Russia, but that’s not what counts.

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