This is a dang good list by @baseballcrank…

…of things that the next Presidential candidate should do. I especially like this one:

31-When in doubt, go on the attack against the Democratic frontrunner rather than your primary opponents. Never forget that you are auditioning to run the general election against the Democrat, not just trying to be the least-bad Republican.

…God knows that I’ve made my operating philosophy on that issue clear.

Moe Lane

10 thoughts on “This is a dang good list by @baseballcrank…”

      1. I read a little and it’s not all that interesting. My list would be simple:
        1) The MSM hates you. Get over it.
        2) This is a debate, not a popularity contest or a game of paddy-cake.
        3) Contrast; do not agree or outdo Hillary Clinton.
        The End

        1. 4) don’t run if you just trying to promote your new book
          5) Don’t run if you generally hate most Republicans
          6) Don’t run if you don’t think you can win
          7) don’t select a VP candidate hoping he will keep you from losing ( McLaughlin actually pointed this one out)
          8) Don’t support legislation that is a direct insult to your base and then not even have the decency to apologize ( McCain, Romney, Pawlenty) Rubio I’m looking at you.

          1. You’ve just repackaged McLaughlin’s first several, and quite obvious, points. That is why I stop I stop reading that very pointless and uninteresting list (not to mentioned, way too long).
            And no one has yet to answer my question. The silence is deafening, to say the least.

        2. That’s why its a long list, your 3 points do not address all of the necessities of a prez. campaign.
          And as far as the “legalizing drugs” since McLaughlin never recanted I suppose he still supports it, though it certainly wasn’t on his list.
          I support his position on that while I oppose legalization in my state ( If Colorado or Washington want to screw themselves up let them)
          I replied on this comment because the one down below won’t let me for some reason.

  1. Here are two more, and one of them is yours:
    Always remember that the media hate you and want you to die in a fire. Do not expect reporters, interviewers, or moderators to be fair or honest.
    Every time you are interviewed, bring your own videographer and make your own independent recording of the proceedings. The people who record it and broadcast it are also the people who will edit it; be prepared for them to be dishonest by having a record of the whole truth

  2. One more:
    If you or your campaign manager talk trash about your opponent, make damned sure that the story is true. If it’s false, then people will not think highly of you at all. Yeah, I’m lookin’ at YOU, Karl Rove, and your story about John McCain’s “black daughter.” Schmuck.

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