Today is International Left Handers Day! #solidarity #sinister

I invite all of you to go out and commemorate this day honoring people just like me.

…Or you could just not give a flying [expletive deleted]. Because, honestly? It’s not that big a deal.  All in all, being left-handed is kind of a wash: sure, you get the extra creativity and awesome mental powers, but at the same time there’s that entire ‘higher chance of becoming a serial killer’ thing.  You take the good with the bad*.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane

*I don’t really care if any of those stereotypes are true or not.  It was just something to say.  Well, write.

7 thoughts on “Today is International Left Handers Day! #solidarity #sinister”

  1. It’s always nice to meet a fellow left-hander. Are either of your children left handed? I have a minute chance with my youngest…

  2. You are lucky not to have been born Korean a couple of generations ago. They would beat the sinister out of their kids until they saw the right. My grandson inherited the left handed trait but is the first practicing one in his family.

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