Now *this* is epic-level trolling (said he, admiringly).

One of my colleagues privately noted that the Washington Free Beacon tagging this Tweet where Kal Penn (yes, that one) comes out in support of stop-question-frisk*…


…as “Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay and realize it’s totally awesome and necessary.” is master-level workmanship, there. I mean, I am no slouch at bouncing spoons off of people’s foreheads, myself: so the Washington Free Beacon should take that as the sincere compliment that it is.

Then again, Kal Penn’s no slouch at trolling, either. Spluttering responses there, my friends. Spluttering.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t actually HAVE an opinion about stop-question-frisk, either way: admittedly, it’s a Nanny Bloomberg thing, but surely not everything that Bloomberg suggests has to be uniformly horrible.

*It would seem that getting mugged really DOES focus one’s mind.

5 thoughts on “Now *this* is epic-level trolling (said he, admiringly).”

  1. I guess I’m just not familiar with the program. I know I’d be pretty outraged if I was stopped and frisked. I’d seriously question the constitutionality of being frisked in light of the 4th amendment if I wasn’t doing something highly suspicious (like breaking a store window or trespassing). Opponents make it sound like the NYPD is frisking every black guy they come across.

  2. “Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay” was indeed dumb, but it has a good line about how you don’t have to trust your government to love your country. Funny how liberals have already forgotten this.

    1. That line has been edited out of all copies of the film sold or shown since January 2009.

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