8 thoughts on “Just to get it on the record: it’ll be a cold day in Hell…”

        1. yes. I remember when he was talking about running. What a shame he didn’t run Why do we have so many losers.

          When you talk of Bruce Campbell — is that the actor, the one on Burn Notice?

  1. The level of respect I have for Lindsey Graham is every bit as high as the level of respect I have for Will Folks.
    Is that damning with faint praise? By George, it is.
    Nancy Mace is only one of the candidates running in opposition. I prefer one of them win. But if push came to shove, I’d support her over Graham. Replacing one scuzzbucket with another is nothing to cheer about, but it might serve as edifying instruction for the next Republican politician looking to sell out.

    1. The basic problem here is that the Will Folks attack on Nikki Haley was almost certainly at the behest of at least one anti-reform faction in the SC GOP establishment of the time – factions which still exist. So… the establishment might find a Mace election edifying, but not in the way that you mean. 🙂

  2. As Luke said, there are at least two other candidates for Graham’s seat. Richard Cash and Lee Bright. I’ve been leaning towards Cash.

    1. Bright is actually a State Senator. Personally I’d have preferred Gowdy to run and Bright to run for his open seat, I even signed on to the Draft Movement. But Gowdy hates the Senate so….

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