“Planes” trailer.

…I just don’t know, folks.

They get points for having a luchador.  But there’s a level of, well, non-Pixar in the trailer that worries me.


  • Ahhh Disney at its finest. /s

  • Luke says:

    It isn’t done by Pixar. It was originally planned to be a direct-to-DVD Disney release. Why that changed, I don’t know.
    Still, the local Drive-In has Planes and Monster University as a double feature. The kids will be happy.

  • JustDave says:

    But… everybody’s been clamoring for a third installment of the “Cars” franchise. Right?


    Also, it’s kinda been done. Okay, so 71 years ago. But still.

  • LiberExMachina says:

    It’s a spin-off of one of the less “Pixar-y” concepts Pixar has done. It’ll probably suffer from Michael Keaton Clone Syndrome (copying too many times = DUMB).

    Disney might just killed the goose that laid the golden egg if they keep pushing Pixar in the 2 movies a year rush. Their good stuff needed more time to marinate, if you get my drift.

  • Darin_H says:

    It was enjoyable. Personal growth story with some good morality lessons. Nothing objectionable in it. It’s obviously a 3rd, but worth seeing.

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