Ha, ha! Hee, hee! Hi! Hi! …

…Ho Ho.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy to see the Twinkie again.  But this was what I missed, people.  This was what I craved.

Moe Lane

PS: Bought every box at the Target.  Mind you, there were only two.

3 thoughts on “Ha, ha! Hee, hee! Hi! Hi! …”

  1. Still no sign of Chocodiles.
    * yes, I can still probably find someone on eBay selling one or two old, stale ones .. or a “DIY twinky-to-chocodile kit” that doesn’t really get it right .. but not actual *Chocodiles*.

  2. My Gran used to put them in the freezer so the chocolate coating would get all crispy. Fun times!

  3. What about Sno-Balls? I loved Sno-Balls…they were so coconutty and chocolatey and…magenta…

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