An interesting new board game from @shaenongarrity that @SJGames should look at,

It’s called “Basement Dwellers,” it’s based on her Skin Horse webcomic* and if I had the time** I’d give it a whirl.  More to the point: on first glance, maybe so should a gaming company.

Moe Lane

*Now in… oh, don’t let me spoil the surprise.

**I could probably find the players.

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  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    Optional variant C:
    All player actions must be done while exhaustively explaining the rules, as if they are new to people.
    ‘I play my Republican Gnomes in defense mode, and end my turn.’
    The rules have a major flaw; they don’t include the mailing list for the cookies, from what I see.

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