Helpful sanity tip when assembling three bookshelves in a row…


I mean, I’m sure that I had a good reason for that – oh, right: tomorrow’s recycling day and I want the boxes out of my house.  Still.  Not the brightest move in the world.

And there’s one more to go, too.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s my blog, and if I wanna whine and complain on it then I am blessed well going to whine and complain on it.  Is this not America? – Besides, the day’s been weird anyway.


  • Catseyes says:

    Moe your lazy and out of shape. I have assembled three bookshelves in a row. It ain’t that hard unless your doing it from scratch.

  • Luke says:

    Did you guys move or something?

  • BigGator5 says:

    “Alright, that’s bad? Okay, important safety tip. Thanks Egon.”

  • Darin_H says:

    Shouldn’t each subsequent bookshelf be easier to assemble? Like you gained some knowledge and experience from the first 1/2?
    BTW – Would it have helped if after the first and second ones you would have been encouraged by a “You have gained a level in your crafting ability” with a twinkling light accompaniment?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      The problem there is that that particular room of the house has always had a HVAC issue.

    • acat says:

      Y’know… That could be a scary successful app. Tracks DIY purchases, (hooks to IKEA, Lowes) asks when it’s assembled, and …

    • Jeffstag says:

      Hey, there a good point there, you don’t gain levels in anything without a certain amount of grinding.

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