Helpful sanity tip when assembling three bookshelves in a row…


I mean, I’m sure that I had a good reason for that – oh, right: tomorrow’s recycling day and I want the boxes out of my house.  Still.  Not the brightest move in the world.

And there’s one more to go, too.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s my blog, and if I wanna whine and complain on it then I am blessed well going to whine and complain on it.  Is this not America? – Besides, the day’s been weird anyway.

9 thoughts on “Helpful sanity tip when assembling three bookshelves in a row…”

  1. Moe your lazy and out of shape. I have assembled three bookshelves in a row. It ain’t that hard unless your doing it from scratch.

      1. Anyone that has any serious amount of books always needs more bookshelves.

        It’s just the nature of things.

  2. Shouldn’t each subsequent bookshelf be easier to assemble? Like you gained some knowledge and experience from the first 1/2?
    BTW – Would it have helped if after the first and second ones you would have been encouraged by a “You have gained a level in your crafting ability” with a twinkling light accompaniment?

    1. Y’know… That could be a scary successful app. Tracks DIY purchases, (hooks to IKEA, Lowes) asks when it’s assembled, and …

    2. Hey, there a good point there, you don’t gain levels in anything without a certain amount of grinding.

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