Quote of the Day, SING It, Brother @JonahNRO! edition.

Brother Jonah contemplates the likelihood of a Joe Biden Presidential run:

Why is this happening?

It’s a difficult question to boil down to a single variable, given the swirling maelstrom of egos, agendas, and issues at play. Still, one answer does seem to cover the waterfront: because ours is a just and generous God. From my admittedly selfish perspective, a Biden candidacy would be great for everybody — and by everybody I mean people who would like to see the Democratic party descend into a chaotic food fight.

They’re great fun to watch from the outside, yeah.  Especially since whoever wins will be stuck with simultaneously apologizing for, defending, and keeping an arm’s-length distance away from every policy made during this administration*. Can’t wait.

Moe Lane

*Which is to say: the situation in 2016 will be remarkably different from the one in 2008.  At least, for Democrats.  For Republicans, it will be  remarkably similar, except of course for the lack of vultures on our shoulders and terrifying portents in the skies and giant basalt, non-Euclidean cities rising out of the South Pacific and so forth.  I’m still fond of GWB, mind you – but oh, my, but that turned out to be one heck of an electoral cross to bear.

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    1. Widespread pot dementia.
      Either he doesn’t care, and is only interested in foreign policy insofar as it provides messaging and spin, or he is simply unable to motivate his organization past that level of involvement.

  1. Actually the Best Presidential candidate would be Elizabeth Warren. Who all wants to see Scott Brown lose to Pocahontas again? This time on a far Grander, National Scale.

  2. The truly glorious part of a Biden candidacy is that Larry Sabato puts him as second tier, behind only Hillary Clinton (first tier) and ahead of everyone else.

    1. He has motive and opportunity.. Wait, no, that’s Filner. He has resources, he’s in the best position to keep the current Dem noses in the trough… Hillary will have to swap some noses out – P.U.M.A. applies – and Slow Joe may manage to build a decent war chest on that.

  3. Slow Joe, watch your back. There are certain people in your party who would rather speak elegies than endorsements for you.

  4. I just wait for Obama’s ego to kick in, does he really want people to vote for Hillary over HIS vp???? Do they not know that he chose Biden over Hillary back in 2008?!?! Good Lord, the Dem primary is going to be a heckuva lot of fun.

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