Hey! Thirty-nine days until the #obamacare exchanges are supposed to be up!

How is that going, anyway?

OK.  Now how is that going, really?

Moe Lane

PS: The scammers are going to be ready, you know.  They’ve been preparing for months.  Has the government? – Because here’s the funny thing about old people.  They vote.  And they have no sense of humor about getting fleeced just because nobody can tell an official government scam from the more freelance ones.

8 thoughts on “Hey! Thirty-nine days until the #obamacare exchanges are supposed to be up!”

  1. Hey, Moe, got a question for you.

    Are Navigators considered as business associates under HIPAA?

    Got to thinking about it…using PP as a Navigator…potential for privacy violation….HIPAA does allow lawsuits, right?

      1. ROFL. Okay, “proppie”.

        I think it will be a fiasco of huge proportions.

        Baucus was right.

        1. Heh. Chatted with a nurse friend the other day. She says she dreads becoming a government employee… and all her peers are in the same boat.
          It’s gonna blow up .. and I hope it hurts. Mostly the Dems, of course, but .. I’ll take some pain if they get most of the damage.

          1. Yeah, it took a while for folks in healthcare to accept the direction things are going in. The way the law was constructed…apply it differently and it totally alters the direction and the outcomes. That’s what a lot of healthcare folks were expecting. That’s what they had been led to believe would happen.

            Except it hasn’t. And won’t. And now…it’s like watching someone you love but may have taken for granted in the past die a long, hard death.

            Dems will get their share of it. They won’t have any options either.

  2. This one’s gonna leave a mark. Remember you were warned, those websites are going to be hit hard and fast, stay the heck away from them until they work out the bugs. If they ever do that is.

  3. The thing I don’t get is that it wouldn’t even be that hard to protect. Just throw a contract to whoever is doing Blizzard, Amazon, PayPal or the equivalent’s security. Sure, they get hacked sometimes too, but it is better than what the government probably has (and certainly better if the government decided to start from scratch.)

    It’s not like we’re not already throwing bazillions of dollars around without thinking about where they are going.

    1. Umm, Matt? The thing about securing a web site is *defense in depth*.
      It *isn’t* something that can be solved by throwing money at it .. otherwise Microsoft Windows would be much more secure than it is.
      Security has to be *designed in* from day one .. do you think these imbeciles *got* that when they started working on it? I don’t.

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