No word if there was later a shootout/explosion at some Atlanta gangster’s warehouse.

Let’s set the scenario:

As interstate crashes go, they don’t get much stranger than the one that shut down I-75 in Clayton County for several hours overnight.

The bizarre chain of events began around 10 p.m. Thursday, when a Clayton sheriff’s deputy clocked two northbound motorcycles at 110 mph, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Executive summary: Northbound motorcycle #1 (stolen) hits car, goes over the divider, smashes into windshield of southbound semi.  Semi tractor catches on fire.  Semi trailer destroys the divider, hits northbound SUV.  Motorcycle #1 is now on fire, is hit by southbound taxi, which also catches on fire.  Motorcycle #1 driver in critical condition; semi driver taken to hospital.

Motorcycle #2 flees the scene.


Yeah, movie motorcycle chases in real life ARE kind of scary, huh?



Moe Lane


  • Finrod says:

    It’s amusing to me that I find out stuff that happens here in my own city from sources nowhere near here.

    • Pomme143 says:

      That’s how I felt while watching video of that semi jumping across the highway in Indiana. (We had just driven past there on our way home.)

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