Steam, what did you *think* was going to happen?

The Witcher was a popular game. You took the latest version – the one that had the graphics cleaned up, new-to-North America content, all the bugs repaired, the inventory fixed, and two new adventures added – and then offered it for sale for two dollars and forty nine cents.

Of course everybody in the universe bought a copy. Isn’t this kind of impulse buying part of your business model?



Moe Lane

One thought on “Steam, what did you *think* was going to happen?”

  1. I hate the CD key model, especially Steam’s you can only use it per one profile.
    I was once lost my username and was forced to create a new profile, but then found out I couldn’t play my copy of Empire Total war on my new profile. I was faced with the unpleasant prospect of buying a new Empire Total War ( at that time it was still over 40 bucks) fortunately I remembered my old username.

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