“Honest Trailers – Independance Day.”

This is one of the ones where the overriding theme is love.  These folks love Independence Day just as much as I do.  They’ve even gotten past the shame of their love, and have simply embraced this element of their souls as being who they truly are.

“Can someone explain to me how they’ve already made 3 Chronicles of Riddick movies and I still have to wait til 2015 for a sequel to this?”

…I don’t get it either, Honest Trailers Voice-Over Man.  I truly do not.

Moe Lane

PS: Pitch Black was quite good, though.

PPS: What?  Oh, yes, they’re making a sequel to ID4. 2015. No Will Smith, but they have Goldblum and Pullman.

6 thoughts on ““Honest Trailers – Independance Day.””

  1. Pitch Black was quite good. Never bothered with the rest of Riddick. Never bothered with Fast and Furious (movies) either.
    don’t judge me.

  2. I see you’ve discovered the quircky youtube channel known as “screenjunkies” you should see their trailer for Superman IV.

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