I would like to thank the #antiwar movement for tacitly admitting that it was all a lie.

Their quote-unquote ‘moral stance,’ that is. I mean, I knew – like all decent people did – that the antiwar movement of the Bush years was comprised of fools, dupes, and knaves; but watching them now slink away from our looming Syrian war like this just pretty much confirms that every sneer, every insult, and every drop of contempt that I’ve ever dumped on them was completely and totally justified. And I don’t even know if the aforementioned Syrian war is the best idea, or even the least worst. But I do know what the antiwar movement’s opinion should be.

And so do they.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, Gitmo’s still open!

PPS: If you won’t respect yourself, don’t expect me to respect you, either.


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