…Jeebus, I need a drink: State is *guessing* that the chemical attack was by Syrian regime.

You have got to be KIDDING me.

I’ll give you the short version: State is still certain that it was the Syrian regime that ordered the strike; they just don’t know who in it. So what? …Well, as the Cable put it:

In effect, [State Department spokeswoman Marie] Harf was left arguing that because no one else could have carried out the attack it must have been the Syrian government. “The world doesn’t need a classified U.S. intelligence assessment to see the photos and the videos of these people and to know that the only possible entity in Syria that could do this to their own people is the regime,” she said.

Because, of course, no Syrian rebel would be ruthless enough to order a gas strike against civilians, blame it on the Syrian regime, and thus win a free American bombing campaign.


Just leave the goram bottle.

Moe Lane


  • Brian Swisher says:

    Well, gosh, there’s a standard of proof that somehow didn’t work for the Bush administration…

  • acat says:

    ….. Didn’t they ask the NSA?
    Were the NSA too busy with LOVEINT?

  • Catseyes says:

    Gonna need a bigger bottle than what I got on hand. We are going to go to war over unconfirmed information, literally for a guess. Really. Going to be a whole lot of egg flying if we learn the rebels did it. I have never before been this disgusted by an Administration. Incompetence just doesn’t quite cover it as an explanation. Neither does idiocy. Gross Malfeasance works though.

    • Brian Swisher says:

      “We are going to go to war over unconfirmed information, literally for a guess.”
      Hey, it worked for the Johnson Administration…

      • acat says:

        What is it with Liberals and going to war with crappy data?
        Do they just like the snazzy uniforms and synchronized marching?
        Can we just put on parades like the Norks and Russians do and satisfy this itch they have?

    • jetty says:

      “Going to be a whole lot of egg flying…”
      About the same amount after Benghazi.

      • Spegen says:

        Eggs Benedict Arnold?
        Fine example of the latitude the media gives this president, How long did we argue in previous admins about bombing? I think it was even longer than this when Clinton bombed Serbia, let alone the build up to the Irag/Afgan conflicts.

  • Skip says:

    RT Tam

    Have the NSA check and see if Zimmerman has sent any telegrams Obama can use as a pretext.

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