My conspiracy theory of the day: the NYC mayoralty race.

Allegation: Anthony Weiner has been kept in that particular race for well past his sell-by date for the express purpose of derailing the electoral prospects of Christine Quinn.  I have absolutely no proof of this, but she was leading earlier, and now she’s not.  Heck, at this point current front-runner Bill de Blasio might not even need to worry about a runoff.

Moe Lane

PS: They’re all pretty much worthless, of course.  Assuming the Democratic candidate wins, his or her legacy will pretty much be to be the Horrible Mayor That Messed Things Up For NYC Until A Real New Yorker Came Along And Fixed Everything.  It’s pretty much a predictable cycle at this point, alas.

One thought on “My conspiracy theory of the day: the NYC mayoralty race.”

  1. Conservatives need to go vote for Weiner in the primary, every single Republican ( I know not very many) need to vote for Weiner in the Primary. What will we do without a Mayor Weiner.

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