Nancy Pelosi scrambles to correct her comments on the Speakership.

I was wondering when Pelosi’s handlers would realize that the poor woman stepped in it.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s office clarified on Friday her apparent disinterest in returning to her old job as House speaker.

I’ll spare you the tortured reasoning; suffice it to say that Pelosi office would like a take-back on her Kinsley Gaffe*, and it’s a measure of the woman’s status in Congress right now that I am somewhat indifferent about her getting it or not.  Yeah, sure, whatever: Pelosi does want to be Speaker again. 

And I want a pony.

Moe Lane

*It’s a Kinsley Gaffe because of course Pelosi isn’t interested in getting the job back; she knows perfectly well that she won’t be allowed back in that slot.  When the Democrats win the House back (which they presumably will do eventually) it will be because they credibly appeared to tack right.  A Democratic party offering up Nancy Pelosi as a potential Speaker can not credibly appear to tack right. I think that people can finish that syllogism on their own.