I find your explanation of your banning policy disturbing, @AceOfSpadesHQ.

Largely because it was redundant.  This is all that he really needed to say:

This is my workplace.

That means that the subject is, as they say, closed.  As James Lileks once reminded Glenn Reynolds: we are, none of us, public utilities.

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, this is much more an issue for me and my cobloggers on RedState than it is for me here.  Most of my banning work here consists of stuff done behind the scenes that nobody ever sees.  Plus, I have a heck of a lot less traffic on this site than we do over at RS; and this site is also an anti-burnout mechanism on my part.  Still, I completely grok what Ace is talking about; it’s a definite problem.

13 thoughts on “I find your explanation of your banning policy disturbing, @AceOfSpadesHQ.”

      1. Indeed. I’ve pushed the limits there pretty far, I know, but I’ve tried to never disrespect the site or its people itself. I have called out people there before when I thought they weren’t following their own rules, but thankfully that never caused anyone to actually ban me.

      1. Hey, it’s your living room. You’re just letting us hang out with you.
        So if you tell us to knock it off, it’s only polite to listen.
        😉 Even if we think you’re over-reacting.

        1. True, Luke, but if he starts talking about stealing a truck full of Twinkies or lizards living under the Dallas airport*, I’m gonna pass..
          * classical reference

          1. I thought that was Denver, not Dallas…
            OMGosh, they’re spreading!!! Alex Jones was right!!!1!

  1. Amazing how popular this topic gets, double digits comments on this site is pretty good. Tried to read the Ace comments but got bored in the mid 50s, no way could I keep up with a conversation 300+ comments long and that’s common. Here I always read the comments, there: hardly ever.

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