QotD, the National Journal Gets Stuff Just Plain WRONG Abut the March For Life edition.

Point of order:

Despite the odd staging, it’s hard not to be touched by Wednesday’s [MLK] gathering on the National Mall—not only because of the divine moment it commemorates but also because it is solemn and stirring when tens of thousands of Americans abandon their malls and office parks to ask for an extension of political rights. (In that way, at least, the March for Life is just as poignant.)

…the March for Life does not bring in ‘tens of thousands of Americans.’  It brings in hundreds of thousands of Americans. Every year.  Without fail.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: Note that this is not particularly relevant to Wednesday’s MLK celebration; then again, neither was that passive-aggressive sneer (“In that way, at least?” Some people simply can’t help themselves, apparently) at March for Life, so there you go.