Quote of the Day, Nancy Pelosi, Sith Neocon edition. #syria #p2

Allahpundit likes using a dull knife for his flensing, it seems:

Here’s Nancy recalling a chat she had with her five-year-old grandson, whom we’ll call “Pelosi 2002.” Pelosi 2002 couldn’t understand how intervening in a chaotic sectarian bloodletting with fanatics on all sides is in America’s national interest. Simple, said Pelosi 2013: The head fanatic is killing children with gas. “Didn’t Saddam do that to Kurdish children?” asked Pelosi 2002, his big brown eyes wide with confusion. No no, kidding — I like to imagine that he thought that, but kept quiet out of respect for his elders.

I have to admit, it’s entertaining to watch the Democrats on this.  The Left is stuck in a position where supporting the President means opposing the general will of the people, and they don’t have the inherent natsec credibility enjoyed by Republicans that would allow them to get away with supporting the President anyway.  You can guess just how sympathetic I am to their plight, too…

Moe Lane

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