This TV Tropes page on Gun Safety is remarkably sensible…

…indeed, gratifyingly so.  I can think of several thousand legislators and politicians who could stand to read and memorize it, preferably just before they try to use firearms as a prop for their various gun confiscation schemes.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m sure that there’s stuff in there to quibble over, but you can’t go far wrong by hammering home the point that Guns Are Not Toys and Do Not Wield A Gun Unless You Are Prepared To Use It.

7 thoughts on “This TV Tropes page on Gun Safety is remarkably sensible…”

      1. It’s the internet. The first flame war happened 2 minutes after DARPA fired things up.
        My only complaint is that I have three weapons and no nearby range to use them on.

  1. And now I know who is responsible for causing TV Tropes to crash and go into permanent upgrade mode.


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