CBC ordered to shaddap and sit down until White House can dictate their #Syria position for them.

This is not a headline that the Obama administration particularly wanted to see.

Congressional Black Caucus Instructed to Hold Tongue on Syria

As an increasing number of African-American lawmakers voice dissent over the Obama administration’s war plans in Syria, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) [Martha Fudge, OH-11] has asked members to “limit public comment” on the issue until they are briefed by senior administration officials.

A congressional aide to a CBC member called the request “eyebrow-raising,” in an interview with The Cable, and said the request was designed to quiet dissent while shoring up support for President Obama’s Syria strategy.

…particularly since it’s coming from The Cable.  That it is showing up there is pretty telling, not least because it means that – oh, rarest of cases! – the Beltway Establishment is as leery of intervening in Syria as the rest of the country is.

But I digress.  Look, if Barack Obama isn’t sure about keeping the support of the CBC – a group that is typically utterly reliable when it comes to supporting the Democratic establishment – then the President has a real, real, real problem on his hands. And I don’t know how he will be threading that particular needle. Unless he… no.  That could never happen.  Still.  There are only four men who can really give Barack Obama informed advice now.  In chronological order: the first is old, and frankly hateful.  The second is old, and not well.  The third is… not reliable, and will not give Obama good advice.  That leaves the fourth guy. Who could really help Barack Obama right now.  Only, Obama would chew off his own leg first; his pride couldn’t take the strain.


As Spider Robinson once put it: God is an iron.

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7 thoughts on “CBC ordered to shaddap and sit down until White House can dictate their #Syria position for them.”

    1. He has; he told Obama that if he decided to go in, he would have the men and women of the greatest military in his pocket.

  1. I’m assuming the guys are as follows: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush?

  2. It’d be awesome if George Bush came out against Syria. The Left would go berserk.

    1. Why would Bush want to do that?
      I know why it seems like a good idea, but .. do we really want to be defending Bush’s legacy *again* in 2016?

      1. We just might. It’s strange how often the bullies stop when you turn around and fight them. Bush was correct, and the inferno in the Middle East makes it real hard to claim that “diplomacy” would have worked. Especially since no one in the history of the world is a better diplomat then the current President, and he couldn’t pull it off :).

    2. “Dubya” is too classy for that, no matter what his feelings are on the matter. He is not going to make a public stink against current presidents because that is being respectful of the office. And good on him for doing so.

      Nobody aspires to be like Carter (except, perhaps the guy currently in the White House).

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