I’m not fond of the President…

…but it looks like the usual rule of thumb of “Presidents age 2.5 years for every 1 on the clock” is still in effect, alas:


(Image grabbed from Hot Air) I do not understand why any sane person would want that job. It visibly strips lifespan from the people who hold it.

Moe Lane

10 thoughts on “I’m not fond of the President…”

  1. It explains the, um, erratic nature of our Presidents, yes? You have Duty, which gave us W and Reagan and Ike and Nixon, and you have Madness which gave us F.D.R, Wilson, L.B.J, Carter, Pornstar, and Obama (Who I don’t actually think was mad to start with. I think the plan was to run for President to become a player on the National Stage….).

    1. Yep, the plan was to build some “cred” as a Senator, then run for Gov-IL, *then* for the White House.
      I don’t think anybody expected him to find lightning in a bottle ..
      p.s. this does mean we’ll be afflicted by that most dreadful of creatures again .. a young, healthy, stupid former president.

      1. Moe really had the right of it, to give the President his due, He has one great skill: campaigning and getting himself elected. I mean if you are going to be a one trick pony as a politician, that is a hell of a trick to have. It makes actually governing suck but so what you got elected (from Obama’s point of view). An addendum to the mini maxer theory is he also got to run against HRC, McCain and Romney who all demonstrably horrid at running for stuff.

      2. Well, I don’t this one actually will spend more time working on his golf game and making himself rich than making a nuisance of himself, trying to get his wife elected and getting himself rich.

  2. I’d take the job … because if I were President, Barack Obama wouldn’t be. And even though I probably wouldn’t be a very good Chief Executive, I’d be a damned sight better than he has been.

  3. Well, the job may give you gray hair, but a lot of presidents have lived a pretty decent span. Going back to Hoover, FDR (63) and LBJ (64) were the only presidents not to make it to at least 78 (and, of course, JFK (46), but job stress wasn’t his issue).


    Of the living presidents, Carter (88) and GHW Bush (89) are well past that mark.

  4. I don’t know, I think I could beat the curse. only one way to find out.
    please donate to the MWC presidential campaign of 2028 ( the first year I’m eligible to run via age)

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