The North Carolina voting law changes.

This is a pretty good summary of the voter changes in North Carolina. It’s tricky to report on the legislature… finessing… things without making it sound too approving/disapproving, but I think that the author managed here. Not that it will keep certain elements of the Left from fuming, foaming, and… sorry: all the other words I can think of that start with “F” are all obscene. So let’s just say that the Left is going to be a sore loser about the consequences of not having control of the state government any more.

Better luck next time, guys?



4 thoughts on “The North Carolina voting law changes.”

  1. It just always amazes me how little the Ds think about the capabilities of the poor minorities. My parents live in a rather poor area of NC and have (as long as they’ve lived there) offered trips to do necessary things, like get welfare, go to work/school/church. They’re paid in repaid favors (babysitting my mentally regressed brother) or food or some other needed thing (lawn care). Registering to vote just adds one more trip Mom and Dad can offer. The barter system is mostly why my parents are handling the poor economy as well as they are.

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