“Escape From Tomorrow” trailer.

So I hear that this movie is causing people’s heads to hurt.

Not least because they actually made it under the veritable nose of the Mouse (the film company supposedly did their guerrilla filming without permission). It’s been widely assumed that presuming on Disney’s, ah, better nature this severely would result in a horror show all its own…

2 thoughts on ““Escape From Tomorrow” trailer.”

  1. I can assure you that you will be disappointed by the actual film. A quick scan of the wiki article reveals that the last third devolves into surrealist crap. I suggest not spending any extra money just to watch this movie. I won’t say much about the end, except leave you with two words: Cat Flu

  2. Either Disney knew about it, or is familiar with the Streisand Effect.

    Unless a contract was signed with Disney that was airtight with complete artistic freedom, I fully expect that chainsaw sodomy will occur in the near future. (Despite the work being satire/parody and thus protected on the Intellectual Property side of things.)

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