The Tales From The Floating Vagabond, Second Edition Kickstarter.

It is difficult to articulate just how old this Kickstarter makes me feel.

No, wait, it’s not difficult to articulate at all.  Tales From The Floating Vagabond first came out half my lifetime ago. I never bought it, because half my lifetime ago I was insanely poor by the standards of my current lifestyle. Now that it’s back – and now that I am insanely rich by the standards of my previous lifestyle – I have absolutely no natural defenses against its marketing attack and will sign up to acquire the game like a heroin-addicted cybernetic military dolphin will sign up to a job in order to get its next fix*.

Many of you are no doubt familiar with how all of this plays out among geeks, and probably on a personal level, to boot.  I should also note that Kickstarter does not exploit this general weakness among my people so much as it utterly depends upon it as an integral part of its business model.

…Yeah, whatever, gimme the game.

Moe Lane

*Classical referenceSpeaking of feeling old!

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  1. You are an evil, evil man.
    My entertainment allowance is tapped at the moment. I can only drool with envy.

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