Barbara Buono (D CAND-GOV): the Alvin Greene of New Jersey.

It is a measure of just how poorly that this woman is doing in her bid to beat Chris Christie in the general election that I will get media points from her campaign for spelling her name correctly* and noting that she’s running for Governor of New Jersey. Another measure:

[Barbara Buono] was by then the party’s nominee, and the party needed a new state chair. In New Jersey, the gubernatorial nominee has always been granted the right to pick the chair, no questions asked. But when Buono picked her guy, the party big shots simply refused to accept her choice and forced her to settle on a different candidate. “They didn’t just throw her under the bus,” says Buono’s former campaign aide. “They threw her under the bus and drove over her back and forth, over and over.”

Hell, even the people in my own party who cordially despise Chris Christie aren’t talking about Buono.  That’s how bad off she is.


Moe Lane

*I am, in fact, a cruel man and a bit of a jerk when it comes to Democratic candidates and politicians.  But I’m not a bully. Well, OK, I am a bully to trolls.  But only to them! And they deserve it, anyway!

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      1. It’s not a “trainwreck” It’s close. If Christie would stop hogging the cash, Cuccinelli could actually be competitive. It certainly doesn’t help to have a Senate Race in New Jersey going on at the same time.

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