16 days and counting on #obamacare exchanges rollout: how’s it going?

That bad, huh?

For months all eyes have been on October 1 — the first day people can sign up for Obamacare.

But as that day approaches, many people working on the nuts and bolts of the health law are tamping down any expectations of a sign-up stampede.

Not everyone will enroll immediately. And that, they say, is the way they want it.

Translation: despite the fact that the feds will be spending $12 million to advertise the new exchanges at the end of September, and that various states are spending several times that number for their own, specific exchanges… the government doesn’t want any of that advertising to in fact succeed, apparently. Nah, they’d much prefer that people hammer the sites in December; although why anybody would do that, either, is not really explained. Anybody without insurance at that point is looking at a hundred buck fine that won’t even hit until the year after next, anyway. And that’s assuming that the White House doesn’t delay the individual mandate ‘temporarily.’ So I’m missing wht the government is expecting a surge of sign-ups, ever…

Yes, I know, I’m being deliberately obtuse.  Articles like the above one from Politico are what you get when the government is having a slow-motion train wreck of a new policy rollout.

9 thoughts on “16 days and counting on #obamacare exchanges rollout: how’s it going?”

  1. I refuse to enroll. I refuse to pay the- er, tax. They can come take me way to jail if they want, I will go peacefully. I will plead guilty. I will enjoy my time. I’ll write a book.

    1. I was logging in to say exactly this, except they aren’t going to take anyone to jail: they are going to seize assets. When the jack booted thugs show up to take mine, they are getting everything I have in the way of lead first…..

        1. Dude, I’m self employed. I haven’t had one of those in…….16-17 years or so. I will not send them the extra money, nor will I surrender to them any assets or my person.

  2. Like i said expect the exchanges to very quickly turn into boooby traps of hacking and malware. If your going to even go near them make sure your security systems are up to date and turned up to high. And that’s assuming the sites are even functional. If not well software cascade failure’s can occur with distressing frequency.

  3. Providers are already hating life.
    Nothing says “fun” like unfunded mandates, coupled to lower reimbursements, a heaping helping of bureaucracy, and a side of perverse incentives.
    Whether or not the government holds itself accountable to its own deadlines remains to be seen.
    But if you’re not with the government, you darn sure will be.

  4. Here’s another one to add to your list, Moe. Note this quote:
    “Rather than mere head count, officials say they are scrutinizing what capacity physicians have to accept new patients.
    “Does the doctor have room for one more patient or 40 patients? It’s about available seats,” Lee said. “We want to make sure every network has enough doctors.”

    Hey, that’s CA. Can’t help but wonder what they plan to use for leverage? State medical license? “Hey, doc, we see you haven’t signed up for the exchange. That’s a nice business you’ve got there. Would be a shame is something happened to it” And as for evaluating work capacities? What do they plan to do? Hire MTM police?

    Say hello to Obama’s Amerika.

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