QotD, The Democrats Have Realized Their Major Problem edition.

I was hoping that they wouldn’t figure this out for a little while longer:

“It’s a consistent pattern where [Barack Obama] says he’s going to do something, says he’s really going to fight for it, and then buckles the moment there’s any opposition,” said one veteran Democratic strategist. “It’s like the kiss of death if he wants if you for a job.”

It’s been very useful for us, you see.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane

PS: In related news… I managed to watch Barack Obama’s full speech today (something that not even MSNBC could bear to do, reportedly), and I have to say: if I had hired the President to make a speech designed to stiffen the spines of quote-unquote ‘obstructionist’ Republican legislators and gotten that? I would have not only paid the invoice on time; I would have added a performance bonus.  I knew that the President was politically tone-deaf, but this was embarrassing.

2 thoughts on “QotD, The Democrats Have Realized Their Major Problem edition.”

  1. Yeah, but acknowledging that there is a problem is only the first step.
    Next, they have to figure out what to *do* about it.. and that’s where things can get *very* interesting.
    See, one of the funny things about the structure of OfA, whatever it stands for this week, is .. it’s not under DNC control… so any Dem who runs against Obama stands to get hammered by OfA in the primary.

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