Movie (Well, Series) of the Week: Teen Titans 1st Season.

You understand, of course, that I am being forced to watch Teen Titans – The Complete First Season.  My kids are rapidly becoming addicted to the series, so as a responsible parent I need to screen the program. To make sure that it’s all right. Other than that, I have no real attachment to this program at all.



Moving on: let us say adieu to Shaun of the Dead.  It was a fun ‘trilogy,’ that that started

Moe Lane

18 thoughts on “Movie (Well, Series) of the Week: Teen Titans 1st Season.”

      1. Emphasis on the “stupid”, not the “fun”.
        But if you haven’t checked out “Young Justice” and it’s sequel “Young Justice: Invasion”, do so. They were nothing short of great.
        Then cry a bit because it was canceled in favor of “Teen Titans Go!”.
        The “Teen Titans” series you’re watching is a bit uneven, but overall it’s pretty good. They whitewash and compress The Judas Contract entirely too much, but it’s impressive that they tried to do it at all.
        (And come on, they changed Beast Boy more than they changed Starfire.) But this is why people lost their crap when the New 52 Starfire was not the sweet innocent from the TV show. All they did is revert to the comic book character in a darker/edgier world. But far more people had seen the TV show than had read the comic books…

        1. Young Justice is awesome, I’ve yet to see Young Justice invasion, my brother and sister were really upset when they canceled it in favor of a really crappy Teen Titans reboot.

  1. Quality choice for the promotion this week. I started watching this near the tail-end of college and it actually prompted me to start reading the comics.

    Which were sadly inferior.

    1. Depends. “The Judas Contract” was considered a classic of the Bronze Age for a reason. (And was an influence on the following Iron Age.)
      But, yeah. There were long periods of suckitude as well.

      1. The 90s man, was when the Animated series of different shows outclassed the comics.
        Of course it’s not hard to beat the crap that was previous like Super Friends.

  2. BTW, the New 52 Teen Titans comic book series is brilliant for about the first dozen issues, and spotty thereafter. They keep getting the rug pulled out from under them by cross-overs/universal meta-plots.
    Most recently, they had what was clearly a year’s worth of story crammed into 3 episodes, so that Trigon (and Kid Flash’s past/future) could be established in the world before the current “villains take over” reality quake.
    Overall, Red Hood and the Outlaws is a stronger series. They’re red-headed stepchildren too, but as outcasts they aren’t dragged into other series’ plots nearly as much.

    1. I had to google to find out what Moe was talking about. (My kids like cartoons but aren’t into comics).


      I’m sorry to do it, but I’m actually siding with the feminists on this one. Starfire’s character seems pretty ridiculous. But again, I don’t read anymore so maybe I’m missing some context here…and it’s not really like female characters were too much more than eye candy when I read, but the writers at least paid lip service to the pretense that they had realistic “feelings”, “motives”, or “agency”.

      1. Actually, the New 52 Starfire is a complex character with motives, agency, and feelings. [shrug] It wasn’t long before it was clear the “all you humans look alike to me” shtick was a pose. She is actually one of the more interesting characters in the DCU. (Granted, she is Ms. Fan Service as well.)
        Think Superman/Wonder Woman hybrid, but with an abusive childhood and the accompanying lack of a moral instruction. Yet still trying to do good in a world full of greys. You won’t be too far off.
        Partner her with a Batman protege (Jason Todd) who sees “killing the villain” as a utilitarian solution that should be used more often. (Especially in regards to the Joker!)
        And a Green Arrow protege (Speedy) who’s trying to overcome alcoholism and despair, who views himself as a failure. He’s trying to do good, but tends to lose the forest for the trees. Friendship tends to blind him, and the path of least resistance is where his feet tend to tread.
        So in total, you’ve got a tripod of damaged characters keeping each other upright in what’s one of the most character-driven series in the line-up.

        1. fair enough. It’s not as though all the male characters usually wear 3 piece suits either. Skin tight with a bulge is somewhat common.

  3. It was a really good cartoon series. Along with Avatar, one of the few shows I’ll stop and watch even if I’ve seen the episode before.

    1. I know it’s not comic based, but the new Looney Tunes are high-larious. And, as Luke mentioned above, Young Justice isn’t shabby.

      1. For anime/samurai, Samurai Champloo is pretty awesome. But not for the kids, probably (just sword fighting blood, no fan service).

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