OK, what is the *actual* point of this Oregon #Obamacare ad?

I am clearly missing the context.


I take some comfort in the fact that so did Mary Katharine Ham – but this is not the first time that a strange ad that neglects to explain what it’s all about has surfaced in Oregon.  I suspect that there’s a message there somewhere; it’d be spiffy if the people making the ads made that message clearer.  Or even mentioned it in the first place.

Moe Lane

PS: I am perfectly willing to believe that this is actually a brilliant move on the ad company’s part, assuming of course that there’s compelling evidence that supports that theory.  I just don’t see how this convinces a 26 year old to spend $2,000 a year on largely-unnecessary healthcare when the alternative is for him or her to get $200 less in tax refunds.

3 thoughts on “OK, what is the *actual* point of this Oregon #Obamacare ad?”

  1. It’s not for you, it’s for the younger adult denizens of Portlandia. It’s supposed to inject “Long Live Oregonians,” the Official Slogan of the Oregon health exchange, into their heads and inspire them to use Google to find out what the heck the ad was about. The folksy and rather smug music and graphics are intended to signal “We’re different! We’re like you!”
    There are other, rather more informative ads for Cover Oregon on YouTube. They too seem to be intended to get people onto the website. Perhaps the thought is that once on the site, people will say “Oh, what the heck! I’ll enroll!”
    I went to a presentation a couple of months ago by some of the people who run Cover Oregon. They seem sincere and competent and utterly convinced that they are doing a Good Thing. They also (admittedly) face some significant database and organizational challenges in making this thing fly. We shall see …

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