@BarackObama desperate to get the old band together for some reason.

I have one question:

A struggling President Obama is calling for help from members of his first-term A-Team, who have left the White House for other jobs.

With his poll numbers falling and his second-term floundering so far, Obama has sought help from the former aides who helped catapult him to the presidency.


After all, it was the so-called “A-Team” that took one of the most lopsided Congressional majorities in living memory and bloodily sacrificed it in order to get… Obamacare*. And that was just the most obvious mistake; this administration has racked up quite the litany of failure, Democratic agitprop and the Hill aside.Loo, I grant that Obama’s guys knew more than our guys about how to win an election, but this ain’t an election.  Aside from everything else: public opinion everywhere matters, instead of just in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.  It really is astounding that we’re still apparently in campaign mode forevermore and a day, amen; you’d think that the Democrats themselves would get tired of this eventually.  Then again: perhaps they are, and are merely prudently not mentioning it…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

*Currently polling at 53% disapproval, by the way. This after three years of effort by the administration to push the law.

3 thoughts on “@BarackObama desperate to get the old band together for some reason.”

  1. Obama wants to take back Hizzoner Rahm? Yes, please!
    In other news, it does appear the Dems are grumbling…noticed this on Drudge’s front page earlier today.
    Hardly a tough prediction to make, though .. rats will always fight for “their” slice of a shrinking pie… and any rats killed along the way become an adequate pie-substitute, so there’s really no downside to it.

  2. Because this previous team didn’t comment about their dear leader’s competence in anything but glowing turns.

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