@BarackObama desperate to get the old band together for some reason.

I have one question:

A struggling President Obama is calling for help from members of his first-term A-Team, who have left the White House for other jobs.

With his poll numbers falling and his second-term floundering so far, Obama has sought help from the former aides who helped catapult him to the presidency.


After all, it was the so-called “A-Team” that took one of the most lopsided Congressional majorities in living memory and bloodily sacrificed it in order to get… Obamacare*. And that was just the most obvious mistake; this administration has racked up quite the litany of failure, Democratic agitprop and the Hill aside.Loo, I grant that Obama’s guys knew more than our guys about how to win an election, but this ain’t an election.  Aside from everything else: public opinion everywhere matters, instead of just in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.  It really is astounding that we’re still apparently in campaign mode forevermore and a day, amen; you’d think that the Democrats themselves would get tired of this eventually.  Then again: perhaps they are, and are merely prudently not mentioning it…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

*Currently polling at 53% disapproval, by the way. This after three years of effort by the administration to push the law.


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