New Australian government begins process of excising its Climate Commission infection.

So far, so good: the new Australian government is scraping that Green mold off of its side.

THE Abbott government has moved swiftly to disband the Climate Commission and sack its commissioners, including controversial chief commissioner Tim Flannery.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt telephoned Professor Flannery today in what was described as a civil discussion delivering expected news.

The Coalition is fulfilling an election promise to dispense with the commission, saving taxpayers $580,000 this financial year and $1.6 million in following years.

…but half done if well-begun; well-begun, only half done. There’s some other stuff that needs to happen, if you want to kill a bureaucracy.

  • Records.  Existing paperwork must be destroyed. Format all hard drives; shred unused forms.  Existing physical records must be destroyed – or, if that is impossible, they must be dumped, willy-nilly, at locations with horrible environmental control. Somewhere that has rain combined with rodents would be perfect. It need hardly be said that anything with a letterhead or logo must be burned with fire.
  • Legislation. Find every law that invokes the Climate Commission (and the Climate Change Authority). Remove those references.
  • Physical location. All office supplies, furniture, computers, potted plants, everything, must be reassigned to at least half a dozen different government agencies.  The existing office space must be immediately vacated and converted into annex space for half a dozen other government agencies. Remove all signs.  Destroy all signs. Keep no souvenirs.
  • Keep notes.  While killing a bureaucracy, people inevitably find evidence of shenanigans. Unless it’s for something that’s obviously bad – human trafficking, dead bodies, Swiss bank accounts – just… collect the evidence.  Call it… insurance.

But don’t mind me: I’m just this guy on the Internet.



Moe Lane

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