I get the feeling that Sacramento Dem Communications (!) chair @allanbrauer had his pants down…

…around his ankles for this entire exchange.


It actually got worse from there: which is both unfortunate, and completely predictable when you’re talking about a California male Democrat like Communications Chair Allan Brauer trying to establish some sort of dominance over a woman.  If you wonder why Bob Filner survived so long, wonder no further.

Anyway: I thank God that I don’t have sexual dysfunction at all, let alone the kind that Allan Brauer apparently suffers from; if you have to do this sort of thing in order to get an erection, it’s really not worth it.

(Via Instapundit)

Moe Lane

PS: I assume that Nancy Pelosi is fine with this guy.

PPS: You know… men who attack women this viciously online sometimes have trouble holding it in at home, too.  Just saying.


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